Innovate U.K grants 19/09/18

Trumpington to Cambridge Autonomous Busway Service (T-CABS)

T-CABS is a project designed to develop a Trumpington to Cambridge Autonomous Busway. At the moment, Cambridge Guided Busway is segregated from the road, meaning cyclists and pedestrians are underserved due to the cost of running regular large buses with drivers. There have been two participants to receive grants for this project. These are Richmond Design & Marketing, who received £1.78 million and Cambridgeshire County Council, who received £677k.

Integrated voice communications system for personal protective equipment (PPE) for safe and seamless communication in harsh working environments

NOTO Technologies Limited, trading under the name of Mobilus Labs, is a business focused on developing products that enable people to talk to each other regardless of their setting. NOTO’s ambition is to create personal communicator or “wearable walkie talkie” style product that can be integrated into clothing and/or equipment, to provide seamless voice communication. To date, one grant has been issued for this project – £172k to Mobilus Labs.

iShop: enabling citizens to explore high streets using their most efficient transport mode

This project has been developed to improve the store locator pages that generate a vast number of inefficient journeys to local retailers, restaurants and entertainment venues. iGeolise have built the TravelTime platform to rank and sort locations by the travel time and transport mode of the user’s choice. A grant of £69.2k has been provided to iGeolise for the development of this product.

Evaluation of Mapmydiabetes, the NICE-endorsed diabetes self-management education platform

Diabetes is a major public health problem, with almost 3.7 million people diagnosed in the U.K and an estimated 1 million who are undiagnosed. This project aims to develop a data collection and evaluation plan to generate an evidence base for Mapmydiabetes, which will be acceptable to key groups including NICE, NHS England and Clinical Commissioning Groups. This will enable Mapmydiabetes to be adopted at scale within the NHS and bring benefits to people living with diabetes, as well as reduce the costs of service provision to the NHS. One grant has been issued for this project – £24.9k to MapMyHealth.

Real time dynamic price optimisation for eCommerce retailers

Gati Automata Ltd wishes to provide a dynamic pricing solution to online retailers, to price products without compromising on their margins, while ensuring they are prices that shoppers are likely to pay. Retailers can target specific customer segments, sales channels and time periods, in order to create an optimal pricing strategy. Gati Automata Ltd has received a grant of £70k for this project.

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