Welcome to Swoop

We’ve set up Swoop to help businesses successfully answer the question, “Where do I get access to funding?”

With Swoop, we want to help businesses demystify this problem by showing them the broad funding landscape that currently exists across the UK & Ireland. Through a combination of our funding experience, our matching technology and our 1000+ providers, we can assess your needs quickly and match you to the right funding solution.

Apply for Financing in One Fell Swoop

We are acutey aware that it takes time to find and apply for all these funding options, so that’s where we’ll come in to save you the time and hassle.

Swoop’s platform only requires you to fill in one super form in a few minutes and we’ll be able to assess and match you to providers instantly. Not only that but as your information changes and the market changes, we’ll be able to update you in real time with funding solutions that start to appear that best suit your business needs.

Being apart of your funding journey

At Swoop, don’t look at us as just a platform. Our team of funding experts have been in your shoes and have been a part of thousands of funding journeys over the years. Pop over to our Team page¬†and drop us a line if you need any help and assistance getting your applications together or advice on what the right path for your business should be.

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