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Swoop Membership


It is completely free to set up  a profile on Swoop, get matched to funding providers and to apply for finance across loans, equity and grants. 




It is free for Swoop members to apply for loans through swoop. The Swoop team can assist you on your loan options and help you with your loan applications. We get paid by the funding providers, so this service is free for Swoop members. 




It is free to search and get match to our equity funds through the Swoop platform. As we have spent years building up excellent relationships with our equity funds, it is very important we send them on targeted deal flow that is a good match for their fund. Therefore, we will always screen equity applications before sending them on to our funds. We charge the following success fees for equity raises. 

Less than £500k – 6%

£500k – £3m – 3%

More than £3m – 1.5%


For those businesses who have great ideas or need more guidance before pitching their business plans and financial models to equity funds, we offer a number of services to get them investor ready. 

Getting Finance Ready Workshop – £99

Investor Ready Programme – 3 Days – £1499

Pitch Deck & Financial Model Assistance/Creation – From £1250

Full prices and details here



It is free to use the Swoop platform to search and get matched to grants. You will be able to apply directly to your matched grants via tagged matches. For those SMEs who want assistance in reviewing and creating their applications, we offer a number of services to help with the application. Our team has years of experience in applying for grants in Ireland, UK and Europe and have an in-depth knowledge of what grant agencies are analysing when reviewing applications.


Grant application Review – £1k

Write Grant Application – From £5k + 5% success fee