Funding Solutions

The Swoop platform is made up over 500+ funding providers who offer a wide range of funding solutions across loans, equity and grants. Below are some of the funding solutions you will come across on Swoop. If you want to find out any more information on the below funding solutions, drop us a line here.


Commercial Finance

The Swoop Debt team can assist SMEs fund their growth, deal with one-off events or manage cashflow more efficiently. We work with a large number of providers, so that we can offer solutions to SMEs of all sizes and stages. You will see some of the facilities we regularly cover below. If you want to have a chat to us on debt funding options, you can get through to our team here or call us at 0202 7139 4476.

Cash Flow Finance

We deal with a very wide range of providers who look to offer both secured and unsecured funding aimed at helping companies with their short term funding needs. Works in a similar way to an overdraft – pre agreed facility which you only pay for as you need to use. 

Trade Finance

Trade finance can help to fund your businesses’ supply chain from start to finish by purchasing stock from suppliers on their behalf with loans secured against new purchase orders. Aim is to be able to use a third parties money to pay for your manufacturers costs  – makes sense if the cost of funding is more than covered by being able to reduce your cost of purchase and being able to keep cash in the business. Our role would be to find the providers that most suit your need. Swoop will set up calls with 2/3 providers in the first instance – allow both sides to establish appetite.

Asset Finance

We deal with specialist providers who are able to look at refinancing existing assets or at low cost/low deposit options for purchases. Where this works it can be a winner as rates can be very low. If you’re interested in asset finance, you can reach our debt team here.

Pension Led Funding

A regulated route which allows business owners to use their pension funds to fund the growth of the business. This form of finance is useful for SMEs seeking working capital for growth or enhanced cashflow. It is not sector specific and keeps owners in direct control of their business finances whilst reducing the risks associated with debentures and personal guarantees commonplace in traditional business financing.

Invoice Finance

Many businesses need to wait for raised invoices to be paid. With invoice financing in place, your business can access instant funding by advancing a percentage of their receivables. The banks have been successfully challenged in this space by alternative lenders over the last 5 years by a new breed of providers who offer;- higher percentages ,ability to extend the term, ability to be confidential , lower costs, selective, whole debtor book, no contract, free credit  insurance. 

Discounted FX Rates

We can provide you assistance and comparison’s on what you pay on foreign exchange. We can offer new clients a guarantee on a better rate than what they are currently paying. For foreign exchange assistance email us here or call on 0202 7139 4476.

Debt Finance

Term facility for generally up to 5 years – based on what underwriters believe your business can support. We deal with over 300 providers- our team of underwriters will know which provider is best suited for your business need. Providers- mainstream banks, challenger banks, P2P providers etc.

IP Finance

This is an innovative debt facility that is just coming onto the market that allows IP intensive business get debt facilities in place against the value of their IP. The facility allows businesses to realise cash from the development costs spent creating the IP and the future value that IP will bring to the business. Facility works particularly well for software businesses.



High Net Worths/Angels

Swoop works with a large network of high net works and angel investors who seek out early stage investment opportunities through the platform. Investors in this space tend to invest through the SEIS or EIS investment schemes and will look to invest between £50k – £500k in a business.

Growth Funds

Swoop works with the large community of UK growth funds that will look to invest through the SEIS, EIS or VCT investment schemes. Within the growth fund community there are generalist funds that tend to start when a business is turning over £1m annually, specialist funds around sectors like education or deep tech or geography. Cheque sizes in this space tend to range from £500k to £5m

Venture Funds

Swoop works with a large range of venture capital and private equity funds who invest on a purely economic basis. Businesses need to be able to show large exponential growth to be a good match here as venture funds will be looking to exit each opportunity at a high multiple to satisfy their own investors. This type of finance is the most aggressive form of investment and cheque sizes in this space tend to range from £2m – £50m

Family Offices

Swoop has a good network of family offices around the world who work in a similar way to the growth and venture funds with some offices preferring a general investment strategy while others build their fund around a certain niche e.g. property, food and beverage, manufacturing etc. Family offices tend to offer more patient capital than growth and venture funds as the need for immediate returns isn’t as great due to the fact that they don’t have a range of investors to appease. Cheque sizes in this space can be quite varied – £500k – £15m.

Tier 1 Investment

Swoop works with a number of Tier 1 providers who help match foreign investors with UK businesses looking to invest into the UK market in exchange for a visa. Investors must place a minimum of £200k into the business to be deemed eligible by the home office. Tier 1 can be a great form of investment for businesses looking to increase working capital without having to give a way a huge amount of equity and also gain exposure to another market through that investor.


Swoop works with both Crowdcube and Seedrs and help businesses identify when they are a good fit for crowdfunding as a form of investment. Crowdfunding can be highly beneficial for B2C businesses that have a mass market appeal, so that investment rounds can also be great marketing campaigns too. Businesses also tend to achieve higher valuations through crowdfunding as they get to dictate the valuation a lot more.



Grant Eligibility

Grants often become available based on where your located and what sector your business is in. To find out what grants are available to you, fill in your funding search on Swoop and get a full list of matched grants based on your criteria. In many cases grants operate on a match funding basis- so this can again be fed into your business plan.


R&D Tax Credits

Have you developed new tools, products or services using technology? Have you tried to improve your existing products through technical changes? Have you had to resolve technical problems with any of your products? Have you found more efficient ways to produce your products or services? Have you experimented with new equipment or production techniques? At the start of a project, did you ever think ‘I’m not sure of the best way to do this’? Have any of your projects failed for technical reasons?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, then you are most likely a strong candidate from R&D Tax Credits which allows you to get 20% back on what you spent on R&D via HMRC. To get help getting your R&D tax credits refunded, you can mail us here or call us on 0202 7139 4476.