We work with our partners to offer simple and clear comparisons that allow customers to make choices on financial products and services.

Where services are free of charge to the customer, we receive commission from most of the companies we feature on Swoop. The payment we get will never make any difference to how much you pay for your product, service or policy.

The way that Swoop gets paid varies for the different products and services. We either get paid a flat fee when you purchase a product or use a service, a % of the cost to you for that product or service, or a percentage of the total loan amount you receive from our partner. Swoop also offers investment matching and investor preparation services. The customer decides whether they would like to progress with these services and will be provided with an engagement letter setting out these services and the associated success fees payable by the customer upon receiving investment. These services are not carried out unless the customer has provided written confirmation of acceptance of the engagement.

How we display the products and services will not be affected by the commercial agreements we have in place with our partners. We will always try to display them in a way that is clear, informative and helps you to get the best product for you.

We work with a wide range of companies, comparing 1000s of products. Every company is not included in our service as not all companies want their products on comparison sites.

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