Asset-based lending

Secure a loan against the assets of your business and take advantage of better interest rates

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Asset-based lending is a common way for businesses to improve their working capital if access to traditional financing is difficult.

As with all financial products, it is important to have all the information on how it works so that you can make the right decision for your business.

Why asset-based lending?

Better interest rates

Secured against the assets of your business which lessens the risk to the lender resulting in more favorable interest rates than an unsecured loan

More flexibility

The focus is on the quality of the asset to be secured and less on the credit rating of your business

Fewer covenants

There are typically fewer covenants with asset-based lenders as they focus more on the quality of the asset to be secured and less on the credit rating of the business

Types of asset-based lending


What can I use the funds for?

Industries taking advantage of asset-based lending





Business services

Whether you are growing rapidly, have seasonal cash fluctuations or are looking to grow your business via new equipment or a new contract, asset-based lending is a good way to unlock the capital required

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