Swoop's editorial policy

Our goal is to make it easy for SMEs to understand the sometimes overwhelming world of business finance. We aim to simplify the complexities, make information transparent, demystify the jargon, and empower customers to confidently make smart financial decisions.

Since we started our journey in 2018, we have helped tens of thousands of SMEs acquire funding. The first step to acquiring the right funding for your business is to understand the myriad of options available to SMEs. At Swoop, we feel it’s important to share the process that goes into writing all of the articles that appear on our website.

Our core editorial principles


Our goal is to demystify business finance and make it accessible for everyone, no matter their level of financial literacy. We aim to provide reliable and up-to-date information so you can make informed decisions with confidence. 


We prioritise factual correctness and clarity throughout all of our website content, with frequent reviews taking place to reflect changes in the industry to ensure accuracy at all times. Further to this, to ensure we provide only the highest quality and accurate content, we collaborate with experts in the field, and feature their credentials publicly for you to see. We take any mistakes, inaccuracies or misrepresentations seriously, and we act quickly to rectify them if our readers point them out.


Swoop is for everyone. When it comes to financial products and policy, we provide the facts and put them into context. Our research is thorough and impartial; we are not advocating for any particular economic or political stance. We strive to create content that is inclusive and respectful of all people, regardless of age, nationality, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, relationship status, physical and mental abilities, or family type.


We strive for all of our content to be written and/or reviewed by financial experts. Where content has been authored by an expert, we will clearly label this content as being written and verified by a human. We link to each author bio for you to verify their background and understand why they’re in a position to offer this information.

In the age of ChatGPT, however, we appreciate that some content can and will be written by AI; we will also clearly label this content as written by AI and will acknowledge both situations where content has been, or has yet to be, reviewed by a human. Get in touch if you’d like to further understand our approach to the use of AI in content. All of our writers are required to uphold our strict editorial guidelines and are screened by member of our expert team.

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Simplicity and security

Simplicity and security are at the heart of all we do here at Swoop. That’s why we’ve made joining and working with us as safe, simple and friendly as possible. We've created smart matching technology (which you can access via our easy-to-use dashboard) and we combine this with real people at the end of the phone. They want to share their financial knowledge and insights with you, and they'll always put you - and your security - first.

  • Trusted. We’re a chosen partner to multiple banks and financing partners in Canada.

  • Bank-grade security. Your important personal and business information is encrypted and protected with the same industry leading technologies that are used by banks.

  • Protected. We use measures like double-factor authentication designed to protect access to your account and personal information.

  • Top marks. By order of the Competition and Markets Authority we have been chosen to help businesses like yours find the best funding and savings solutions.

  • We’re regulated as an Account Information Services Provider. Swoop Finance Limited operates with integrity and is fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Account Information Services Provider (reference number 833145).


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