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Business grants remain a crucial source of support for many community organisations. It’s often essential in getting a new capital development off the ground, or for exploring new and innovative models to solve some of society’s toughest social problems.

Raising money for your business is no easy task, and it can be expensive and time consuming – but you can cut costs if your business is eligible for a grant.

There are so many types of grants available, and it can be hard to find the right one. 

There are thousands of business grants at both national and regional levels. Grants are often sector-specific or tied to a particular product or outcome. We are constantly updating our database so that we can provide you with comprehensive up-to-date access to the latest grant opportunities.

We also understand how daunting the prospect of preparing and writing your grant application is. Fear not, Swoop can provide you with professional assistance to give you the best possibility of success – so what are you waiting for. Register now for full access to all the grant options available.

How Swoop can help

Register with Swoop

Head to the  ‘grant funding’ section of your Swoop account after entering your company information.

See your matches

View all available grants that may be right for you, saving you hours of research time


We then send you directly from our grant finder through to the application page for the relevant grant provider

Continually review your matches

We continue to update the tool as new grants come to the market. We recommend reviewing your grant matches at least quarterly to ensure you are up to date with the options available to your business.

Tips for applying​

Timing. Ensure you are applying at an appropriate stage and have a clear opportunity to take advantage of. New funds open all around the year, so make sure to check Swoop’s grant finder on a regular basis for new grants you may be eligible for.

Define the opportunity and make sure you are eligible and fit the scope for the specific grant. It is easy to spend time applying for grants which are not suitable for your business.

Have a defined project and outline and highlight the impact it’ll have to align with the scope. Make your application worthy of receiving funding by ensuring you have done all the necessary preparation.

Outline the costs involved in the project and ensure you justify why they are needed and how much is needed to cover these costs.

Share your objectives clearly. Make sure you are clear what success looks like as a result of taking on a small business grant. How will you know when you’ve got there? What economic and social impact will your project have?

Outline a timeline and projections of progress expected to be achieved as these will be monitored closely if you are successful and mentioned within the scope.

Frequently asked questions​

Although business grants are available across a wide range of sectors, they are most often available to companies in the following areas:

  • Manufacturing
  • IT and Communication Services
  • Medical and Biotechnology
  • Agriculture
  • Sustainability
  • Export and Trade
  • Research and Development
  • Innovation

It is important to remember when applying for a business grant that you are not applying for a grant for your business as a whole, but for a specific project with a defined end date. For example, you may be looking to improve or expand the infrastructure of your business, researching and developing new products or insulating yourself from the financial impact of Coronavirus. If your application does not satisfy this requirement, you are unlikely to receive a grant.

Business grants are available through a wide range of government schemes and philanthropic foundations, and it’s important to consider which might be best suited to your application.

Government grants are available at three levels: federal, state and local.

  • Federal government grants are usually offered to companies that plan to be available nationwide.
  • State government grants are usually offered to companies that are looking to focus on a specific part of the country.
  • Local government grants are usually offered to small businesses operating in a localised area.

These grants are provided for specific projects rather than the general operation of the business, and the funding available depends on the project – for example the Entrepreneur’s Programme offers up to $1m for small businesses.

Philanthropic foundations and trusts are less common than government grants and are mostly aimed at small-scale community projects, but if your business only requires a small sum then there are likely to be options available to you.

When considering your application, the assessor will consider not only the details of the project for which you require funding, but your business as a whole. The assessment is likely to take into account the budget and turnover of the company, the structure of your organisation and your ability to manage the company effectively, with consideration given to any notable achievements in your business history.

Don’t worry, we have the resources to help you through the entire application process. Swoop can match you with the most appropriate grants for your business and, should you require the expertise of a professional to pull your application together, we can connect you with one of our network of experienced and friendly grant writers.

Applying for a business grant is a complicated process, and if you’ve started up a new business, the range of considerations to take into account can be overwhelming. That’s where Swoop comes in – with a wealth of experience in the industry, we can provide you with the details of all the grants you may be entitled to, allowing you to access all the information you require in one place.

Our system allows you to compare the details of grants quickly and easily, in order to decide which ones are most suited to your needs. We ensure that our information is always up to date, so there is no time wasted researching grants that are no longer available – and our email alert system keeps you informed about any appropriate grant schemes that have been created.

We can also go through your application with you to make sure it stands the best chance of being accepted. Our team’s detailed understanding of the requirements of Australian business grant schemes allows us to tailor applications according to the selection criteria, highlighting the ways in which your application meets the grant scheme’s aims and setting out your needs clearly and concisely in order to make your application as attractive as possible.

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