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What is a business grant?

Small business grants refer to financial assistance provided by organizations to small businesses for a designated purpose. These grants are accessible to small business owners during their inception, growth, and for conducting research and development activities.

In contrast to small business loans or credit cards, grants are a non-repayable form of funding and do not negatively impact the credit score of a business. Moreover, there are no lender fees associated with acquiring a grant.

However, it is important to note that grants come with certain limitations as the funds must be utilized as prescribed by the grant provider.

Tax credits

Several programs exist in the US to support the costs of research & development (R&D) and encourage innovation by offering tax relief/credits. Many companies aren’t even aware they might have eligible spend for these schemes. Are you one of them?

Business grants for women

The US Government reports that women own approximately 20% of businesses, with only 8% looking to grow or expand their services. There are now a number of initiatives underway to address women’s economic empowerment, including black, minority, and Indigenous women to help fund their growth, whilst investing in the economy.

Pros & cons of business grants

It’s fair to say that the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to small business grants.

On the positive side, a business grant is essentially free money. Unlike a loan, it never needs to be repaid. That makes it a business funding option that’s pretty hard to beat. On top of that, once you qualify for a grant, there’s some evidence that you’ll have an easier time qualifying for more grants in the future, as other organizations will see you as a reliable candidate.

On the negative side, winning a small business grant can involve a lot of work and uncertainty. You first must find an appropriate grant to apply for, then create a detailed and compelling proposal, and finally be selected from what could be a large pool of hopeful applicants.

So, while receiving a business grant is not always easy, it is certainly desirable.

How do I write a grant proposal?

When writing a business grant proposal, it’s worth keeping the following points in mind:

  • Write in plain English. Avoid industry jargon and flowery language.
  • Be specific about your plan. Be able to clearly explain how the funds will be used and exactly what results you expect to achieve.
  • Show how you’re aligned. Most grants are created to promote specific social or economic goals. Make sure it’s clear how your business supports the funder’s goal.
  • Demonstrate your capability. Provide evidence that you and your team are capable of delivering the work you are promising.
  • Know your numbers. Make your budget as detailed as possible

Writing a successful grant application is no easy task. It’s well worth spending time to get it right. You may wish to engage the services of a professional grant writer, whether that’s a local professional or a relatively low-cost online freelancer.

How do I apply?

One of the challenges of applying is the potentially dizzying range of options out there – each with their own criteria and processes. Join Swoop today and we can help you narrow down the best possibilities in no time.

How Swoop can help

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