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    Ian Hawkins

    Page written by Ian Hawkins. Last reviewed on April 27, 2024. Next review due April 6, 2025.

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      If you’ve attempted to put together a pitch deck, you’ll recognise the feeling of opening PowerPoint, staring at a blank page and thinking: “where do I start?”

      What is a pitch deck?

      A pitch deck is an essential for any business seeking to raise equity: it’s a presentation that entrepreneurs use to sell their business to potential investors. It is a critical tool for any business that is looking to raise money, as it is the first impression that investors will have of your company. A well-crafted pitch deck can be the difference between getting the funding you need to grow and getting stuck where you are.

      What makes a good pitch deck?

      A good pitch deck will appeal to the potential investor who makes the decision about whether to find out more about you and your business – or throw it on the reject pile. The most important thing your deck should achieve is to communicate your business idea in a clear and concise way. Investors are busy people, reading many pitch decks every day. If yours does not immediately catch their interest and effectively explain your business model, your target market, and your competitive advantage, expect it to go no further. 

      Your pitch deck must build credibility with investors. When you present a well-organised and professional pitch deck, it shows investors that you are serious about your business and that you have done your research. Plucky amateurism may charm customers, but a professional investor will need more convincing to agree to invest in your company.

      Finally, a pitch deck should generate a feeling of FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out – in investors. If an idea looks so good that there will be other investors keen to get involved, they will want to grasp the opportunity quickly. 

      How Swoop can help

      At Swoop, we think of a pitch deck as like a CV for your business and if you are looking to raise money, it is essential to present yourself, your company and your team at their very best. By taking the time to create a professional and persuasive pitch deck, you can increase your chances of successfully raising investment.

      The equity team at Swoop has worked with businesses seeking funding for over five years, building a network of keen investors and helping SMEs get investment ready. In response to the experience of business owners in the process of raising funding, the equity team has created a pitch deck builder tool to help entrepreneurs:

      • Create a pitch deck that is both informative and persuasive
      • Avoid common mistakes that entrepreneurs make when creating pitch decks
      • Tailor your pitch deck to the specific needs of your target investors
      • Create a pitch deck that is visually appealing and easy to follow

      If you’re serious about raising money for your business, find out more about our pitch deck builder tool or upload your existing deck for review by registering on the platform.

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      Ian Hawkins

      Ian Hawkins is Head of Content at Swoop. As a freelance business journalist and filmmaker he has reported from Europe, Central and North America and Africa. His films and writing have appeared on BBC World, Reuters and CBS, and he has spoken at conferences on both sides of the Atlantic on subjects including data, cyber security, and entrepreneurialism.

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