Forget HMRC delays & focus on your business

Sign up before you submit your VAT return to HMRC and get your next refund within 60 minutes. Priced at a 3% transaction fee.

Don't get stuck in HRMC queues

As VAT refund processing becomes slower and less reliable, instant VAT refunds offer a solution that lets you bypass HMRC delays and concentrate on your business’ success. You get your refunds in under 60 minutes whilst other UK businesses stay stuck in HMRC’s queues.


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Instant VAT refunds vs HMRC

Instant VAT Refunds vs HMRC
Instant VAT Refunds vs HMRC

How instant VAT refunds work for UK companies

Step number 1

Sign up

The initial set up is quick and easy. Just let us know where you want your VAT refund sent to and provide access to your government gateway.

Step number 1
Getting started is easy
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Step number 2

Submit your VAT return

Once your account set up is finalised, you or your accountant submits your VAT return however you normally do. Your current business and accounting processes don’t need to change!

Apply easily with our Swoop review process
Step number 3

Get your VAT refund within 60 minutes

That’s it! Get your VAT refund in your bank account within 60 minutes of submitting the return.


How do I know if my VAT refund is eligible?

To qualify for an instant VAT refund, you must be a UK company that has received at least 2 VAT refunds in full from HMRC.


Every time you submit a VAT refund, you will receive your VAT refund instantly automatically.

If you're a UK, VAT-registered business, click any 'Get started' button to get your account set up.

Then, the next time you submit a VAT refund (or if you've submitted one in the last hour) the system will notify us of your submission and you'll be transferred the VAT refund (minus the 2-3% fee) to your chosen bank account within 60 minutes.

During the transfer, you'll lose access to your government gateway, but you'll get that back once the VAT refund is sent to our partner by HMRC). To be eligible for an instant VAT refund you must be a UK business, have received at least 2 VAT refunds from HMRC and have no outstanding returns with HMRC.

Normal refunds come from HMRC and will arrive in your bank account anywhere between 5 and 30 days from submitting the VAT return.

Instant VAT refunds will arrive within 60 minutes of submitting the VAT return. The normal VAT refund is collected on our side from HMRC when they pay it in 5-30 days time.

To get access to an instant VAT refund, just make sure you sign up at least 3 hours before submitting the VAT return.

Each instant VAT refund costs 3% + VAT of the total VAT refund amount.

This means you'll get 96.4% of your next VAT refund within 60 minutes of submitting the VAT return (if you sign up before you submit your next VAT return).

Absolutely! Simply complete the sign up and you'll know right away if you're eligible.

Then, if you don't want to continue you can toggle the service off at any point.

To qualify for an instant VAT refunds, your company must be a UK company that has received at least 2 VAT refunds in full from HMRC, be submitting a VAT refund below £100,000 and have no adverse credit history.

No problem, just toggle the 'off' switch in your dashboard before you submit your VAT return so the process will be stopped from running.

This enables us to collect your VAT repayment from HMRC.

We know that’s not ideal but, based on current HMRC limitations, it’s the best way to make the process smooth, fast, and affordable.

Your login credentials for your government gateway are held securely and cannot be accessed by anyone else.

Whilst the VAT refund is outstanding, you won't be able to access your government gateway. However, if you need any information from the gateway please reach out it will be retrieved for you.

The service is designed with flexibility in mind to meet your business needs. If you sign up at least 12 hours before you submit your VAT return (and meet the eligibility criteria) you will still receive your instant VAT refund.

However, to ensure the 60-minute payout target is met, we recommend you submit your VAT return during business hours. If your submission is made outside of business hours, your payout will be processed by 9AM on the next business working day.

Want your VAT refund within the hour?

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