Welcome to Swoop

We’ve set up Swoop to help successfully answer the question “how do I fund my business?”. We want to help demystify this problem and provide easy access to the broad range of small business funding options available across the UK & Ireland.  

Swoop is a business funding and savings platform enabling you to discover the right funding solutions across loans, equity and grants, and to identify and easily make savings – all in one fell swoop.

Through a combination of our immense funding experience, our matching technology and our 1000+ providers, we can assess your needs quickly and match your business to the right funding solution.

In addition, we can identify potential savings and switch expenditure on Foreign Exchange, Utilities, Broadband, and Mobile Phones.

Registration is simple, just complete a single form, once. Then leave it to us do the hard work. The Swoop platform is secure and we won’t put you forward for funding until we’re sure you’re ready!

Apply for Financing in One Fell Swoop

At Swoop, we fully understand the effort involved in finding and applying for small business funding. So, we’re here to save you the time and hassle. One form, one application, one place. From a startup loan to equity funding or R&D tax credit to business grants, our technology will match you with the perfect solution.

Swoop’s platform only requires you to fill in one super-form, taking just a few minutes, and we’ll be able to assess and match you to providers instantly. Not only that, but as your information changes and the funding market changes, we’ll update you in real time with business funding solutions that best suit your needs.

Being part of your funding journey

At Swoop, don’t look at us as just a platform. Our team of funding experts have been in your shoes and we’ve been a part of thousands of funding journeys over the years. Don’t take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say.

Pop over to our team page and get in touch if you need any assistance getting your applications together, or need advice on what the right funding path for your small business.

To get registered just click here.