How Swoop has become “like having another section within the business” for growing firm KBG Accountants

How Swoop has become “like having another section within the business” for growing firm KBG Accountants
Clients’ requests for funding once meant a slow exchange of information with an uncertain outcome. Thanks to Swoop, that’s now changed.

Cormac Smith is Partner at KBG an accounting firm in Cavan, Longford, Bailieborough and Granard. Currently standing at eight partners and over 50 staff, KBG has clients across industries including large builders, construction, development, manufacturers, publicans and hospitality, covering corporate finance. insolvency and tax.

Before you partnered with Swoop, what did you do when it came to matters of funding with your clients? Did they approach you or did you speak to them directly about funding?

Clients would always come to us to ask what they should do and ask where they should go. Usually we’d contact the bank managers, the local business manager and maybe other finance companies locally that we have a relationship with and start pulling the information they needed together. 

We had to continuously follow up with the bank managers or with the other finance companies. It was time-consuming for a growing practice trying to concentrate on other things.

What are the benefits of partnering with Swoop for both KBG and your clients?

I found that there’s always a finance option out there. What we found with Swoop is that the options are far greater than what we would have the knowledge of ourselves.

The other benefit is that we’re given a list of information that you guys require on day one. There’s never coming back looking for extra stuff. 

What is the best part of partnering with Swoop?

We can pick up the phone to you at any time. Swoop is constantly following up and chasing. It’s like having another section within the business which lets us concentrate on other things knowing that this is being dealt with in the background.

I’m not continuously having to follow up bank managers. I get a response from Swoop or Swoop is doing the following up for me. That’s where I think it’s just very time saving, because without that, we just wouldn’t be able to provide the service to the amount of clients that we have.

What does partnering with Swoop mean for your clients? Have you had any positive feedback from them since we’ve partnered?

The big positive feedback is getting the finance, and how quickly it turns around. Some clients have tried to go their own way before and gone to their own bank managers and it didn’t work out. Then they came to us to see if we could do that a little bit extra or did we know anybody.

We hand them over and Swoop gets them across the line. As I said there seems to be always a credit house out there for every available opportunity.

What would you say to any other accountancy, advisory, practice or firm that is thinking of joining with Swoop?

I’d say grab the opportunity with both hands: Swoop helps you grow by providing another service to your clients that maybe you weren’t able to provide before. 

At KBG, we have a very personal approach to every case, we try to get involved with every client which gives us the edge in the market. I suppose that’s what we’re feeling with Swoop as well.

Watch the full case study here. And to find out more how we help Advisors please book in a call here.

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