Bounce rate

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Bounce rate is a web analytics metric that measures the percentage of visitors who navigate away from a website after viewing only one page, without interacting with any other pages on the site. 

What is a bounce rate?

Bounce rate is calculated using the following formula:

Bounce rate = (Number of bounces / Total entries) x 100

A high bounce rate typically indicates that visitors are not finding what they expected or that the page does not meet their needs or expectations.

A low bounce rate suggests that visitors are exploring the site further, navigating to other pages, and engaging with the content.

Factors influencing bounce rate:

  1. Relevance of content: If the content on the page is not relevant or does not meet the visitor’s expectations, they may leave without exploring further.
  2. Page load time: Slow-loading pages can contribute to higher bounce rates, as users may lose patience and leave the site.
  3. Mobile responsiveness: With the increasing use of mobile devices, a site that is not mobile-friendly may lead to higher bounce rates among mobile users.
  4. User experience: Poorly designed websites or confusing navigation can contribute to higher bounce rates.

Bounce rate should be considered in context. For certain types of content or pages, a high bounce rate might be expected and not necessarily a cause for concern.

Example of bounce rate

Imagine a small online store called XYZ Gadgets selling electronic devices.

  1. User A:
    • User A visits the XYZ Gadgets website to buy a smartphone. They land on the homepage, browse through the available options, and eventually make a purchase.
  2. User B:
    • User B also visits the XYZ Gadgets website but lands on the homepage. However, they find the website confusing, don’t see what they’re looking for, and decide to leave without clicking on any other pages.
  3. User C:
    • User C clicks on an advertisement for XYZ Gadgets and lands on a specific product page. They quickly realize it’s not what they wanted, hit the back button, and leave the site.


  • XYZ Gadgets had a total of 100 visitors during a specific period.
  • Out of these, 20 visitors left the site without clicking on any other pages.

Bounce rate calculation:

Bounce rate= (20 / 100) × 100 = 20%

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