Horizontal integration

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Horizontal integration is a business strategy in which a company expands its operations or acquires similar businesses at the same level of the value chain.

What is horizontal integration?

It involves the acquisition of businesses that operate in the same industry and offer similar products or services. These companies are often direct competitors in the market.

By acquiring competitors, a company can rapidly increase its market share. This can lead to a stronger competitive position and greater influence in the industry.

Horizontal integration allows a company to diversify its product or service offerings within the same industry. This can lead to a broader range of choices for customers and potentially capture a larger share of the market.

Through horizontal integration, companies can often achieve economies of scale. This means that as production or service levels increase, the average cost per unit decreases, leading to increased profitability.

Horizontal integration can provide a competitive advantage by reducing the number of competitors in the market. It can also enhance the company’s ability to negotiate with suppliers and exert pricing power.

Example of horizontal integration

XYZ Corporation is a well-established company in the electronics manufacturing sector, specialising in the production of smartphones and other consumer electronics. They identify a key competitor, ABC Electronics, which also manufactures smartphones and has a significant market share.

XYZ Corporation decides to pursue a strategy of horizontal integration by acquiring ABC Electronics. As a result of the acquisition, XYZ Corporation now owns both its original operations and those of ABC Electronics. This horizontal integration brings several advantages, including economies of scale, shared research and development capabilities, and a broader product portfolio.

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