At Wow, deeper client relationships begin with a conversation about funding

At Wow, deeper client relationships begin with a conversation about funding

Wow felt they were under-serving their purpose-led clients when it came to funding. That all changed when they partnered with Swoop

Before they began working with Swoop, Wow knew there was something missing from what they were offering their clients:  

“Frankly, we weren’t doing enough when it came to funding. If clients came to us needing funding, we maybe knew someone they could speak to, but we weren’t hugely involved in the process until they had offers on the table. It wasn’t as supportive as we like our services to be.”

So says Leo Tidman, Lead Advisor at Wow, an accounting firm with 50 employees across the UK that specialises in helping agencies and consultancies build businesses that are sustainable, led with a purpose and which look after their people. Leo says that the whole company is built around the idea that businesses which do good will build profitability. 

And that means funding has to be part of the picture. Leo says that Swoop is helping to change perceptions of business funding: 

“It’s easy to see funding as quite an old school, slightly boring topic, but we have great relationships with the team at Swoop. Whoever you speak to is a nice, interesting person that you’d happily have a chat with. That really agrees with our culture and what we try to do and also our clients engage with that.”

What’s different for Wow?

Since working with Swoop, Leo has found that Wow has been able to do so much more than point their clients vaguely in the direction of a funding provider. Today, Leo says they have a much deeper understanding of their clients’ needs and the tools to help them achieve success:

“Initially beginning with debt funding, Wow has helped quite a few clients get funding for growth. With the last year being really tough, some clients used the capital to smooth things over, but once the door is open to funding, they have been able to continue to invest in the team. Wow has been part of that whole conversation and get more embedded with our clients by using Swoop.”

The result of the partnership is that supporting their clients around funding has gone for a hassle to a streamless and straightforward process that is helping Wow build their reputation as advisors. Leo recommends that other advisors try Swoop’s platform for themselves: 

“Give them a go. Pick a starting point with Swoop’s services, get the team on board and then do as we did: add more with the grants, credit score checking and all of those additional services that really enhance what we’re doing for clients.”

The ultimate accolade, for Leo, is that the partnership between Wow and Swoop has been built on trust, transparency and delivered promises: 

“It’s been made so easy by the Swoop team. We’re happy for Swoop to speak to any of our clients.”

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