Swoop Management Team

We are a team of smart optimistic people who like to help ambitious businesses grow.

Andrea Reynolds
Andrea Reynolds

CEO & Founder

Andrea has over 15 years of fund raising and business development experience for SMEs. She is the accelerator advisor for McLaren F1 and MIT spinouts and is a board Member of Government Growth Hub for UK Midlands.

Ciaran Burke
Ciaran Burke

COO & Co-Founder

Ciaran began his career at KPMG where he found a passion in growing businesses and building communities around them which led him to start the professional creative network Hiive.co.uk. Hiive is now home to over 150,000 members and 4,000 businesses.

Andrew Moon
Andrew Moon

Senior Relationship Manager

Guiding -Assisting- Showing SME’s how to make the best use of their circumstances to power a way forward. Andrew has years of experience guiding businesses through their funding journey and unearthing the best financing options for them.

Conor Vallely

Head of Client Success & Partnerships

Conor has close to 10 years professional experience in a broad range of alternative financial services. After a year in Hedge Fund Administration, he spent 18 months in California in the VC world, before returning to Dublin to join a high growth Alternative Lender where he spent 4+ years as BDO. He has deep specialist knowledge in invoice finance.

Alex Kourti
Alex Kourti

Funding Solutions Manager

With a wide range of experience from working at a range of alternative finance providers, Alex works closely with businesses to ensure that they are matched to the most effective funding solutions.

Gayle Parker
Gayle Parker

Head of Operations

As Head of Operations in Swoop Gayle helps businesses to grow by directing them to the right type of funding. Gayle also looks after partnerships for Swoop and helps onboard advisors to the platform.

Laura Taylor
Laura Taylor

Executive Assistant

The brains behind the operation. Laura keeps Swoop’s wheels in motion and has a great passion for working with entrepreneurs and helping them grow their businesses.

Tom Clark

Credit Analyst

Tom worked for almost 6 years as a Credit Underwriter for Funding Circle before joining Swoop. He has a deep knowledge of alternative finance. In Tom’s various roles he has presented to institutional investors, represented the company in audits exercises, recruited and managed a team and conducted in-depth financial analysis to make credit decisions. 

Enrique Marcilio

Equity Analyst

With 8 years of professional experience Enrique has had the opportunity to manage more than 130 different client accounts and an estimated AUM of 36M USD. Enrique’s expertise range from financial analysis & advice, international investment, direct equity trading in emerging markets and the NYSE to multiple stakeholder management and engagements. 

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