Administrative expenses

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Administrative expenses refer to the costs incurred by a business in the day-to-day operations and management of its activities. 

What are administrative expenses?

These expenses are essential for the functioning of the business but do not directly contribute to the production of goods or services.

Administrative expenses cover a wide range of costs associated with general management, administration, and support functions within an organisation. Some common examples of administrative expenses include:

  • Salaries and wages: Compensation paid to administrative staff involved in general administration and support functions.
  • Office rent and utilities: Costs associated with leasing office space and utility bills such as electricity, water, and internet services.
  • Office supplies and equipment: Expenses related to office supplies, equipment, and furniture necessary for day-to-day operations.
  • Insurance: Payments made for various types of insurance coverage, including property insurance, liability insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Depreciation and amortisation: Allocation of the cost of tangible assets (depreciation) and intangible assets (amortisation) used in administrative activities.
  • Training and development: Expenses for employee training programs, professional development seminars, and educational courses.
  • Office maintenance and cleaning: Expenses related to maintenance of office facilities, including janitorial services, repairs, and renovations.

Administrative expenses are recorded on the income statement of a company and are deducted from its total revenue to calculate its operating profit. Monitoring and controlling administrative expenses are essential for businesses to maintain profitability, improve efficiency, and allocate resources effectively. 

Example of administrative expenses

Let’s consider a small consulting firm. Some of its administrative expenses for the month include:

  • Salaries and wages: £8,000
  • Office rent and utilities: £2,500
  • Office supplies: £500
  • Insurance: £800

To calculate the total administrative expenses for the month

Total administrative expenses = £8,000 + £2,500 + £500 + £800 = £11,800

So, the total administrative expenses for the consulting firm for the month amount to £11,800. These expenses cover essential costs related to the day-to-day operations and management of the business.

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