Liquidation value

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Liquidation value refers to the estimated cash value that an asset or a business would gain if it were to be sold or liquidated.

What is liquidation value?

Liquidation value is the amount of money that could be realised from the sale of assets, typically in a relatively short time frame. It’s crucial in various financial contexts, such as bankruptcy proceedings, mergers and acquisitions, and investment analysis.

Liquidation value can be calculated using the formula:

Liquidation value = Total assets − Total liabilities

In bankruptcy cases, the liquidation value becomes relevant when a company is unable to meet its financial obligations. Creditors may receive distributions based on the liquidation value of the company’s assets.

Investors may consider the liquidation value when evaluating the worth of a company’s assets. This analysis provides a downside risk assessment.

Example of liquidation value

XYZ Electronics, a struggling electronics manufacturer, is facing financial difficulties and is considering liquidation.

  • Assets: XYZ Electronics has assets, including manufacturing equipment, inventory, and intellectual property, with a total estimated value of £5 million.
  • Liabilities: The company has outstanding debts and obligations, including loans and payables, totaling £3 million.

The liquidation value can now be calculated as:

  • Liquidation Value = £5 million – £3 million = £2 million

If XYZ Electronics were to go through a liquidation, the estimated proceeds would be approximately £2 million. This amount would be distributed among creditors, with any remaining funds going to equity holders.

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