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Visiting Angels specializes in the delivery of care services to clients in the comfort of their own home. They claim to be the #1 ranked provider in the US senior care industry.

Visiting Angels business details

Visiting Angels were founded in 1991 and are based in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. They have offered franchise opportunities since 1998. The company provides non-medical professional care services to adult clients, with caregivers working in their clients’ homes. As well as the US, Visiting Angels operate in Canada, Mexico, South Korea and the UK. They currently support over 15,000 clients and employ almost 16,000 caregivers worldwide.

Visiting Angels at a glance:

  • US stores: Approximately 600
  • Required Investor net worth: $110,000
  • Required investor liquid cash: $110,000
  • Min. investment: $125,000
  • Max. investment: $171,000
  • Standard franchise term: 10 years

Can I start a Visiting Angels franchise?

Starting a Visiting Angels franchise must be one of the easier business opportunities to get into. You’ll need a minimum net worth and liquid cash requirements of $110k each and you must rent or purchase a commercial location as your administration hub. But after that, there are few hurdles left to climb. Visiting Angels do not ask that franchisees have previous experience in the care industry, and you do not need a medical license to operate a care company (although that obviously would be an advantage).  Franchise owners are also not required to participate in the daily running of the office. You can hire a manager to carry out that task. This means this franchise may be suitable for passive investment.

How much does a Visiting Angels franchise cost?

Set-up costs for a Visiting Angels franchise begin at an affordable $125,000 and gradually rise to a still affordable $171,000 depending on the size of the franchise territory you buy. This cost ranks as low.

The initial franchise fee ranges from $51,950 to $89,950 and is determined by the population within the franchisee’s protected territory:

  • $51,950 for a territory with a population of 100,000 or less. 
  • $64,950 for a territory with a population greater than 100,000 but less than 200,000. 
  • $89,950 for a territory with a population greater than 200,000 up to a maximum of 325,000.

Military veterans may be eligible for a 10% discount off this cost.

After opening, you are required to pay an array of ongoing fees and charges. They include:

  • Royalty fee: 3.0% to 3.5% of gross revenues with monthly minimums that go from $495 to $1,295 depending on the size of your franchise territory.
  • Co-op advertising fee: $425 to $1,195 per month
  • Email fee: $20 to $120 per user per year
  • Additional training fee: $3,500 per trainee
  • Renewal fee: $10,000
  • Attendance fee for National Conference: $895
  • Late fee: 10% of service fee due immediately, then 0.167% per day

Estimated key costs to open a Tropical Smoothie Café franchise:

Key Costs GuideLowHigh
Franchise fee$51,950$89,950
Printing supplies$1,500$1,500
Insurance deposits$5,000$5,000
Workers comp insurance deposits$9,500$9,500
Minimum royalty$1,485$1,875
Training expenses$1,500$2,000
Computer system $0$3,000
Advertising fee (first 3 months)$1,275$1,275
Local advertising (first 3 months) $1,800$3,600
Additional costs – first 3 months $50,000$50,000

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Are Visiting Angels franchises profitable?

Yes. According to Visiting Angels own figures, their franchised offices average annual gross revenues of $1,300,000 and a profit margin of 15% to 18%. This would deliver income to the franchise owner of $195,000 to $234,000 per year, which ranks as very good.

What is the failure rate for a Visiting Angels franchise?

The failure rate for a Visiting Angels franchise is 2% in year one, rising to 6% by year three. This ranks as low.

What are the franchise territory policies for Visiting Angels?

Franchisees will receive a ‘protected territory’ in which to operate their Visiting Angels business. The protected area may vary from a zone with a radius of 30 miles around the franchised address and comprising a population of 100,000 or less, up to a population of 325,000. The company determines how many franchises will be available in any given area and where, in general, they should be located. The franchisor then gives franchisees the opportunity to select the protected territory they desire from among the available protected territories. Visiting Angels promises not to license other franchisees to use its trade marks within the protected territory, nor will it open a competitive business to be located within the protected territory under the same marks or any other marks during the term of your franchise agreement.

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What franchise resources does Visiting Angels offer?

Visiting Angels support for franchisees includes:

  • Training: Franchisees receive 45 hours of training (initial training program) during a period of 5.5 days which will enable them to open and operate their new care business. Visiting Angels allows franchisees to bring a total of two individuals associated with the franchise (including themselves) to training at no extra charge. If franchisees are a partnership or a corporation, at least one of the trainees must be the general partner or principal shareholder. The second individual may be a family member, a key employee or a manager. Franchisees attend the training program at the franchisor’s training location in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. Visiting Angels may, at its sole discretion, offer additional training/education, conferences, seminars and ‘business builder’ events refresher courses. It is required that at least one individual/principal who is named as ‘franchisee’ on the franchise agreement must attend the franchisor’s annual national conference each year for the first four years of their contract. 
  • Marketing support: Visiting Angels provides promotional and other marketing support for their franchisees.
  • Third-party financing: Visiting Angels provides no financial support for investors seeking franchise funding. However, you may be able to obtain economical and flexible funding solutions from the many independent funders who provide business loans to franchise operators.

Why should you start a Visiting Angels franchise?

Low start-up costs, strong profits, an ageing US population and a low failure rate all point towards a solid business opportunity. However, entrepreneurs should do their homework on the potential customer base in their chosen territory before jumping into a Visiting Angels franchise. It’s not just a case of how many seniors or potential clients there are in your area, it’s how many of them can afford private care services, (which may not be covered by health insurance), and how many currently do not have care or would be willing to switch to a new provider. Successful care businesses are built on relationships and strong networks that take time and money to achieve. Investors should be prepared for the long haul with this opportunity.

What is the process for starting a Visiting Angels franchise?

It begins with an application. Start the process here.

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