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How small business insurance can offer you more than just peace of mind

How small business insurance can offer you more than just peace of mind

By Hiscox, partners of Swoop. Hiscox is a specialist small business insurer offering bespoke cover to over 300,000 UK businesses. https://www.hiscox.co.uk/

As you grow or change your business, your insurance needs change too – and it’s important that you have the most appropriate cover for every aspect of your business, at every stage of your journey.

As a specialist small business insurer, at Hiscox we understand the need to give you the flexibility and expertise needed for complete peace of mind when it comes to your insurance needs.

Why Hiscox?

We are much more than just an insurance provider. We are a small-business partner focused on your specific sector and helping to protect your growth and success. We know that every business is different and, as such, every business’s insurance policy should be tailored to meet the demands of its specific industry or sector. Therefore, we will give you the opportunity to tailor a policy customised to your specific needs – something we already do for more than 300,000 UK small and large businesses across a wide range of sectors.

How can Hiscox help you?

Hiscox can deliver a range of  insurance coverage to protect the business that you have built up:

And we will not only work with you to deliver the right cover to protect your business and reputation. Depending on the cover selected, we can provide expert help to protect you against threats such as cyberattacks, and quick solutions for replacing damaged equipment.

A partner for the long term

Having the right insurance in place is not just important to ensure you are protected against any unforeseen incidents, accidents or damage.

It can also be the foundation on which you can grow and adapt your business. Having a tailored insurance policy in place that meets the specific needs of your business will give you the peace of mind to focus on the day-to-day activities that will help grow your business. A trusted and experienced small business insurer can be much more than just a safety net.

Take a look at our video in which Alex and Alessia from the Hiscox Commercial Client team talk through specifically how raising investment can act as a trigger point to review your risk and insurance, and what you may need to consider at that time.

If you would like to find out more about tailoring your insurance cover to your business needs, you can book a free, dedicated 121 with the Hiscox Commercial Client team here, in which they can help you understand what insurance you might need to support your growth.

Or, if you already know what you need and would like to get a quote, you can do so online here. Swoop customers are entitled to a 5% discount on Hiscox business insurance products for the lifetime of their policy.

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