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Swoop is a credit broker and does not provide capital. We work with a range of companies to offer clear comparisons that allow customers to make choices on financial products & services. Swoop may receive a commission, which may vary by product but typically in the form of a fixed percentage of the loan amount.

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Loan finance for business (or, more broadly, lending or ‘debt finance’) is a catch-all for any type of borrowing that you pay back, with interest and/or a fee. If your business needs to raise money (capital) you can either borrow from a lender (i.e. debt financing) or sell a share of ownership in your business in return for capital (equity financing). You can of course combine the two. The reason that people often use broader term ‘debt finance’ rather than ‘loan finance’ is because

some types of borrowing (e.g. operating leases or supplier finance) are not actually loans and don’t appear on your balance sheet. Whatever stage you are at in your growth story Swoop can match you to the right lending options, whether you’re looking for start-up finance, working capital finance or perhaps a longer-term business loan. Your credit score isn’t impacted when you search for lending options with Swoop.

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A business loan calculator is a great starting point to understanding the cost of your loan. Use our free loan calculator below to work out your average monthly interest payments and the total monthly repayment amount, as well as the total interest paid and the total cost of the loan.

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